Merry Christmas! Hopefully everyone is having a lovely Christmas holiday! 🙂
In Konichi-an, we got a booking for "Winter Party" plan by the "STOCK OUTDOOR" owner couple and their friends, and they came to Konichi-an for the year-end gathering.
"STOCK OUTDOOR", is an outdoor gear shop locates in Shirahama, around the starting point for the "Tonda-zaka" along Kumano Kodo “Ohechi” Pilgrimage route.
The concept for their shop is, "Enjoy the nature, share the moving experience".
We talked about the Kumano Kodo Pilgrimage routes, and also other outdoor activities available in and around Shirahama, it was so much fun for me, hopefully we can collaborate an outdoor event and share a moving experience in the near future!
They sells many nice trekking gears, and of course the backpacks or the trekking poles. If need some gears before heading to Kumano Kodo, I highly recommend to stop by their shop and check out the fine goods! 😉
Merry Christmas!皆さま、素敵なクリスマスをお過ごしでしょうか?
イブの前夜は、今年熊野古道・大辺路の富田坂の近くにオープンしたアウトドアショップ『STOCK OUTDOOR』のオーナーご夫妻とお仲間の皆さんが、忘年会でご利用いただきました♪
流木でセンスよくデコレーションされた『STOCK OUTDOOR』の店内はこだわりの品ばかりで、見ているとついつい欲しくなってしまいます。
『自然とつながり感動を分かち合う』をモットーに、地元を中心にアウトドアライフを提案されている『STOCK OUTDOOR』のHPはこちらをご覧ください↓。

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