Happy Valentine's Day!

The lovely couple from Taiwan, who stayed Konichi-an on the St.Valentine’s Day.
In Japan, we have an unique Valentine’s Day custom that is different from other countries.
It is common for girls to give chocolates to boys, girls are encouraged to express love to boys by giving chocolates. But chocolates are also given to co-workers, bosses, friends, or family members too, and these days, often to the friends of the same sex.
When check-in, I gave chocolate to the lovely couple, and they gave me the delicious strawberries from Kishigawa, Wakayama.
The picture of strawberries was taken by them. Thank you very much, and 情人節快樂♡
They said they might come back to Konichi-an with their family some other time, I’m so looking forward to see them again!
Enjoy the rest of your Kumano trip!! 😉
ご夫妻でバレンタインにご旅行なんて、本当に羨ましい…仲睦まじいおふたりに、私まで幸せな気分に♡ 情人節快樂!

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