Please be advised that JR trains, including Limited Express Kuroshio between Kyoto/Shin-Osaka/Wakayama via Kii-Tanabe/Shirahama and Shingu, started to run normally from this morning.
There might have some delay, please check the current situation at the station.

And this time, a strong earthquake hit Hokkaido, and it causes a power outage and train/flight’s cancellation...
The quake this time caused damage in only limited area in Hokkaido, and other areas are OK. My mother is in Hokkaido now, but she is alright too.
We sincerely pray for the safety of sufferers by quakes and the quick recovering from the damage...

本日より、特急くろしお号(京都・新大阪⇔白浜・新宮方面) 、及びJRきのくに線(和歌山⇔新宮間)は、通常運行を再開しましたが、遅れが発生する場合があるようですので、お時間に余裕を持ってお越しください。



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