Ocean 海  

Ocean 海   · 06/10/2019
行き詰まったときやいっぱいいっぱいになったとき、必ず訪れる絶景のあずまや・こんぴら。 好日庵から車で7分ほどの、金刀比羅神社にあります。 波の音だけを聴きながら、大海原を眺めていると、自分の悩みなんてちっぽけなことに思えてきます。 今日はパノラマ撮影をしてみました。...

Ocean 海   · 09/02/2018
After the rain, we unexpectedly had a beautiful sunset from Ezurahama beach. All of people who happened to be there, including me, could'nt help ourselves to walking on the beach to watch the glorious sunset. We gazed it with a smile until the sun went down. Surrounding by the warm and soft sunset, appreciated the calm day today, and prayed that the damages by coming typhoon would not become worse any more......

Ocean 海   · 08/31/2018
Lovers overlooking Engetsuto Island in the twilight. There are signs of fall in the air. 円月島にて…寄り添うふたり。 過ぎ行く夏を惜しんで。

Ocean 海   · 07/30/2018
The beautiful sunset after the typhoon, it takes our mind off our troubles. 白良浜にて。何もかもをリセットしてくれるような、台風のあとの夕景。

Ocean 海   · 07/24/2018
Early evening landscape under the palm tree. It makes us forget the hotness of the daytime. 黄昏時・・・一瞬、日中の暑さを忘れさせてくれる、ほっとする夕景。

Ocean 海   · 07/20/2018
Very calm Kogaura pier in the early morning.

Ocean 海   · 07/18/2018
During summertime, more group guests stay Konichi-an with whole house rental plan, it is a great idea for families traveling with small children or for a group of friends, it comes with complete privacy and free use of every guest room. In these days our whole house has been rented by family group from Hong Kong, and Japanese friend’s groups. It seemed they fully enjoyed sunny Summer days in Shirahama, it made me feel happy, also made me feel I wanted to go to the beach too!! Today’s...

Ocean 海   · 07/01/2018
The hot summer has come! Shirarahama beach are open for public access from today on. Enjoy summer in Shirahama and Kumano! 🙂 今年も、南紀白浜に暑い夏がやってきましたよ! 梅雨明けはまだですが、晴れました♪ 白良浜ビーチは、本日より海開きです(*^^*)

Ocean 海   · 06/04/2018
It’s a sunny beautiful day! After I shuttled guests to the airport, I stopped by Shirarahama beach for my breakfast. On the beach, I found a little boy was swimming, with nothing on! I fully understand him, anyone would like to swim on such a beautiful beach, even if they does not have any swim suits?! I wish I could too...but I can't.😉 ゲストさんを空港までお送りしたあと、あんまりお天気が良いので、ちょっと寄り道♪...

Ocean 海   · 05/03/2018
In the twilight, overlooking Engetsuto Island. 黄昏に、円月島を望みて君何思ふらむ

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