Rediscover your Inner Peace

ZEN Guesthouse Konichi-an is a guesthouse that was renovated from a traditional Japanese home about 70 years ago.


The owner's grandfather built the original structure as a private Japanese home about 70 years ago.

Apart from several renovations, including modernizing the kitchen and bathroom fixtures, we concentrate on maintaining the nostalgic look and feel of Old Japan.

In short, we have updated where necessary while preserving the beauty and integrity of this historical home.

Included in the name of our establishment, ZEN Guesthouse Konichi-an, is the word "Zen (禅)".

"Zen" is a term that designates a simple, relaxed, and unattached state of being.

The name, "Konichi-an (好日庵)", comes from the Zen words, "Nichi-nichi-kore-ko-nichi (日日是好日)".
In Zen terminology, this refers to a state of enlightenment.
These words remind us that every single day is a precious and irreplaceable gift.  

At ZEN Guesthouse Konichi-an, there is no television.
We encourage you to delight in a quiet moment, converse with your fellow guests, or bask in our pleasant music.


You can pass the time on the engawa (garden-side veranda), overlooking the garden.
In winter, you can warm yourself under the kotatsu (a Japanese covered table with a built-in heater).

At night, make sure to look up and immerse yourself in the star-studded sky.
Within walking distance from JR Shirahama Station and its hustle and bustle of hot spring visitors, welcome to a new world where time moves at a relaxed pace.

While we won't extend to you every imaginable service like standard hotels and ryokan (Japanese traditional inns), we offer a zen-like retreat from the stress of daily life.

Stand still, relax, and appreciate the season.

Join us and rediscover your inner peace.


We are looking forward to your visit.


Noriko FURUKUBO                                         

The Owner of ZEN Guesthouse Konichi-an

What's New

New Information

Notice of Winter Closure: ZEN Guesthouse Konichi-an will be closed from Dec.1st(Tue),2020 to Mar.28th(Sun),2021.
During this period, we can not receive inquiries via phone call, or Facebook/Instagram/Messenger, please send it to us via e-mail. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Sorry for inconvenience, and thank you for your understanding!

■Important Notice: To protect guests and  avoid spreading of viruses and other infections, we will accept new booking for "only 1 group per day" from July.22th(Wed),2020 on.  Sorry for inconvenience, and thank you for your understanding! (July.17th,2020)

■There is a free "Chosei-no-Yu" Onsen bathing ticket for every guest who stay Konichi-an during January,2020! (Jan.4th,2020)

Konichi-an's official website in Simplified Chinese and "Local Information" page are available now.(August.30th,2018)

Konichi-an's official website in Traditional Chinese is available now.(July.2nd,2018)

■ZEN Guesthouse Konichi-an featured in the local newspaper "Kii-Minpo" on September.13th(Wed),2017.(Sep.14th,2017)

■Konichi-an got a a interview by the local newspaper "Kii-Minpo" and was published in their advertising paper "Kii-Life" on March.19th(Sun),2017.(Mar.19th,2017)

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