■By Train (From Osaka)

1) Train: About 2.5 hours by train from JR Shin-Osaka Station to JR Shirahama Station (via Limited Express "Kuroshio")
2) Walking: About a 5 minute walk from JR Shirahama Station towards Tonda (in the southern direction) to ZEN Guesthouse Konichi-an.

■By Airplane (From Tokyo)

1) Airplane: About 1 hour from Tokyo-Haneda Airport to Nanki-Shirahama Airport.
2) Taxi: About 10 minutes from Nanki-Shirahama Airport to ZEN Guesthouse Konichi-an.
* If you take a local bus (instead of a taxi) from Nanki-Shirahama Airport, get off at JR Shirahama Station.

From the station, it’s about a 5 minute walk towards Tonda (in the southern direction) to ZEN Guesthouse Konichi-an.

 ■By Car (From Osaka)
1) If coming by the Hanwa Expressway(阪和自動車道) from Osaka, please take the Nanki-Tanabe Interchange(IC) or the Kamitonda Interchange(IC).

From within Osaka City limits, it takes about 2.5 hours.
* The Nanki Shirahama Interchange(IC) is a roundabout route and therefore we do not recommend it.
2) From the Nanki-Tanabe Interchange(IC) of the Hanwa Expressway(阪和自動車道) or from the Kamitonda Interchange(IC), please take Route 42(国道42号) towards Tonda(in the southern direction).
3) From Route 42(国道42号) at the Tazu Intersection(田鶴交差点) (Shinjo Town, Tanabe City), enter Shirahama Road(白浜道路) heading towards JR Shirahama Station.

It is about a 3 minute drive from JR Shirahama Station towards Tonda(in the southern direction) to ZEN Guesthouse Konichi-an.


Access from JR Shirahama Station


This shortcut is a 5 minute walk between JR Shirahama Station and ZEN Guesthouse Konichi-an.
* We don't recommend this route if you're carrying big or heavy luggage that is difficult to lift when using the stairs.

If this applies to you, please refer to "Access from JR Shirahama Station (By car)".
* Pick-up service from JR Shirahama Station is available but it depends on the time, so please let us know in advance if you are interested.

① Depart from JR Shirahama Station in front of the panda statue.

② With your back to the panda statue, go left and follow along the JR Shirahama Station parking lot. With the station building on your left, continue straight towards the bus stop arcade.

 ③ Pass through the bus stop arcade. When you are standing in front of the Meiko Bus(明光バス) store, turn right. Continue by RentaCar 660(レンタカー660), and when you encounter a souvenir shop (a white building), please turn left.

④ Continue along the street in between a liquor store(酒店) and a post office(郵便局). Walk straight in the direction of the overpass.

⑤ In order to reach the upper level of the overpass, please use the stairs. If you are facing the two staircases from the road, please use the stairs on the right side.

⑥ Once you have reached the upper level of the overpass, turn right onto the sidewalk and go straight. There is a lot of traffic on the overpass, so please be careful and stay on the sidewalk.

⑦ Once you approach the end of the railway overpass, there is a sign for Katata Bridge(堅田橋)in Japanese only. Once you pass this sign, immediately turn right on the small road and walk down the downhill slope.

⑧ As you continue along the downhill slope, you will see a house surrounded by greenery on your left. This is ZEN Guesthouse Konichi-an.


Access from JR Shirahama Station

(By car)

From JR Shirahama Station to ZEN Guesthouse Konichi-an, it takes about 2 minutes by car (if you walk this same route, it will take about 10 minutes).

If you intend to use your car's navigation system, please enter the following "Map Code" to prevent a navigation error.

・MAP CODE: 184 016 327 *28


Please note that the number of parking spaces at the guesthouse is limited. When you make reservations, please tell us how many vehicles you wish to park as well as the brand(s) and model(s) of the car(s) in the comment BOX.

When you arrive, so as not to disturb the peace of the neighborhood, we ask that you do not allow your car to idle. Please immediately turn off your engine. We would also greatly appreciate it if you refrain from speaking with loud voices and making a lot of noise.

①Depart from JR Shirahama Station.
With JR Shirahama Station at your back, go straight through the intersection with Times Car Rental(タイムズレンタカー) on the right side.

②You will pass by the front of the SUZUKI(新田モータース) store. At the next intersection, turn left towards Route 42(国道42号), rather than going straight towards Shirahama Onsen(白浜温泉).

③After turning left, please continue straight. You will encounter an overpass. Once you begin to cross the overpass, please slow down just a bit…


④…that’s because the moment the overpass ends, there is a sign for Katata Bridge(堅田橋) in Japanese. When you see this sign, please turn right and go down the downhill slope. The road is narrow, so please proceed slowly, being extra careful of oncoming traffic and pedestrians.

⑤As you continue along the downhill slope, you will see a house surrounded by greenery on your left. This is ZEN Guesthouse Konichi-an.

⑥ Please note for ④ and ⑤ that the right turn at the end of the overpass is narrow, so if you're not used to driving in Japan this may be a bit difficult.

But don't worry, because there is another route. Instead of turning right at the Katata Bridge(堅田橋) sign, continue straight. Then, if you take the next right (at the sign circled in the picture) and backtrack, you can reach ZEN Guesthouse Konichi-an from the opposite direction.

↑Coming from the direction of JR Shirahama Station

↑Coming from the direction of JR Tonda Station

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